Yoga For Fertility

Yoga For Fertility

This course offers a variety of 5 movement practices designed to reduce stress, balance hormones, mobilize circulation, and build blood for peak fertility and vitality. For all levels and bodies.

By Kevin Yee-Chan, R. Ac.
Acubalance Wellness Centre

Are you looking to...

  • Exercise in a fertility-aware way
  • Reduce stress
  • Balance hormones
  • Cultivate optimal circulation
  • Flush toxins from the body
  • Move toward balance and peak fertility

In this course...

Kevin shares 5 different yoga practices which support varying stages of a fertility journey. These practices create moments for you to exercise in a fertility-aware way that is safe for the body and calming for the mind. By working with the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis (known as the microcosmic orbit in Chinese medicine), hormones like progesterone, estrogen, luteinizing hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, cortisol, oxytocin are regulated, which helps:

  • Reduce stress through nervous system regulation
  • Balance hormones for peak fertility and mood
  • Mobilize joints to facilitate optimal circulation
  • Build healthy blood through targeted movements of muscles, channels, and organs.

Videos included with the course:

These practice videos can be used sequentially or individually depending on your needs.

A brief look into the anatomy and science of movement that supports yoga for fertility through the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and the microcosmic orbit.

Beginner-level practice. Optimal during the follicular phase of a natural cycle, or before a frozen embryo transfer or IUI. A hatha-inspired practice with steady holds that awakens belly-breathing and deep circulation into the pelvic bowl to bring healthy blood to the reproductive organs. 

Moderate-level practice. Optimal during the transition between follicular phase and ovulation of a natural cycle, or before a frozen embryo transfer or IUI. A slow-flow practice to ignite warmth to the circulatory system. 

Moderate/seasoned-level practice. Optimal during ovulation of a natural cycle while trying to conceive. A heated vinyasa practice to move blood and facilitate the healthy release of eggs. 

All-level practice. Optimal post-conception (natural or transfer) and through the first trimester of a pregnancy, or in preparation for an IVF retrieval. A calming yin practice for all levels and bodies that encourages blood flow from the legs up to the reproductive organs and into the stomach and spleen to harmonize the body’s growing ability to nourish life. 

All-level practice. Optimal during the pre-menstrual and menstrual phase of a natural cycle, or post-retrieval during an IVF cycle. A grounding yin practice that gives space to release, make space for a fresh start, and settle into trust. 

About your teacher

In his first career as a ballet dancer, Kevin continually returned to acupuncture and yoga as potent tools to heal from various injuries and illnesses. As such, his practice weaves modern somatic sciences with eastern healing arts. Kevin believes everyone’s health journey is a unique work of art. His clinical practice is ignited by discovering each person’s distinct alchemy of vitality and providing patients with a heart-centered, research-based space to address:

Kevin has trained in tui na (Chinese medical massage), reflexology, medical qigong, Shadow Yoga, non-violent communication, and polyvagal theory to support western science and the body’s full spectrum of health and wellbeing: both short- and long-term. In his spare time, you can find Kevin experimenting in the kitchen, making music, dancing, learning about new cultures, and exploring the natural world (oceans and sunsets are his favorites!)