Hormone Masterclass for Teens


Hormone Masterclass for Teens

A masterclass for Teens to Take Control of their Bodies and Minds

By Dr. Kali MacIsaac, HBSc, ND Naturopathic Physician, Acubalance Wellness Centre

Before you end up in my office, let’s chat…

Too many women in their 30s and 40s sit in my office, struggling to make a baby or having put up with decades of period problems and hormonal symptoms, and say these words:

“Why didn’t they teach us this in high school?”

This needs to stop with the next generation.

Help your teen navigate period problems and hormonal concerns, and equip them with the tools they need to future-proof their fertility.

This is a 3-hour program…

that introduces your teen to many aspects of their reproductive and hormonal health that they didn’t learn in health class. It includes extensive information on the signs of a healthy period, troubleshooting tips to bring to their physician if they experience period problems, help to navigate their contraceptive options for today, and diet and lifestyle advice for setting up the nutritional and hormonal milieu for a better hormone balance today and in the future

The program is broken down into six 20-30 minute, highly digestible sections for you and your teen to watch and learn at your own pace (together or separately).

Help your teen get the information they, frankly, deserve to know about their hormonal health reproductive health and future fertility. Many women in my practice have been struggling with their hormones since their teenage years, and only get the help they need when they find out they’re struggling to conceive – decades later. The convention of prescribing the birth control pill, and/or an antidepressant, for the classic symptoms of irregular or painful cycles, heavy bleeding, absent menses, severe bloating, IBS, mood disturbances related to the cycle, and basically anything “women’s health” related has done our generation the disservice of ignoring the body’s signs of underlying imbalance and masking our symptoms. Our teens deserve better.​

In this powerful 6-part series, you and your teen will learn the cardinal signs of a healthy period, how to navigate period problems with your teen’s physician, their contraceptive options for today, and how to focus their diet and lifestyle to future-proof their fertility.

  • the menstrual cycle as your fifth vital sign, learn 5 signs of a healthy period
  • assessing menstrual function, identifying period problems like heavy flow, excessive pain, and PMS (#periodpainisnotnormal)
  • options for managing your period in a nontoxic way: pads vs tampons vs cups vs period underwear
  • how to “stay in your flow” by supporting your body at each distinct phase of the ovulatory menstrual cycle
  • the importance of ovulation for setting your teen up for their future health
  • impacts of ovulation on cardiovascular, bone, breast, and overall health
  • help your teen navigate their options today (the birth control pill isn’t the only option); find out what your teen can do to spare ovulation but prevent pregnancy today 
  • common causes of heavy periods, painful periods, premenstrual symptoms (PMS), and missing periods (anovulation)
  • believe it or not, the diet and lifestyle choices your teen makes today have an impact on their future fertility
  • help your teen navigate when to consider testing their fertility in the future, how to test, and how often to monitor their labs so they’re less likely to end up in Dr. K’s office

A little bit about me

Dr. Kali MacIsaac is a board certified naturopathic physician, who has been working with women to optimize their hormonal health and fertility since 2013. With a clinical focus on infertility and pregnancy support, she has too often helped a patient understand what’s “not normal” about their periods, only to have them exclaim – “why didn’t anyone teach me this in middle school?”

She has distilled down her work with over 10,000 women trying to make babies over the last 10 years to give you the tools that you and your teen need to navigate their reproductive health.

In this powerful program, Dr. K shares with you and your teen the knowledge you need to identify and investigate hormonal and period problems today so that you can prevent them from sitting in her office in another decade, struggling with these same symptoms or their fertility.

– have a new framework for identifying period problems

– learn some of the common reasons why your teen might be experiencing PMS, irregular periods, pain with their menses, missing periods or heavy flow

– help your teen learn how to manage their period (#nontoxic edition) and stay in their flow with diet and lifestyle choices

– understand the benefits of allowing your teen’s system to regulate their ovulatory pattern, and continue to ovulate regularly, for her overall health

– understand your teens’ contraceptive options today, with highlights to those options that are ovulation-sparing

– suggested natural medicine treatment protocols for common period problems like heavy periods, irregular cycles, missing periods, and PMS

This course will give you and your teen all you need to help them navigate their current reproductive and hormonal concerns.  Learn what’s healthy and what’s not, and help empower your teen to navigate their contraceptive options today and future-proof their fertility for tomorrow.

Give your teen the tools they need and the information they deserve to know about how to navigate their reproductive health through the next several decades.

The tools offered in this program are powerful yet simple to understand, offering you and your teen a path to investigate and treat period problems with natural medicine.  Included is information on dietary habits, lifestyle changes, and common supplement recommendations that Dr K uses in clinical practice every day to help patients achieve better hormone balance and improved fertility outcomes. 

I get it – your teen isn’t aiming to make babies any time soon (in fact, they’re trying to prevent it).  But hormonal and period health today sets the foundation for healthy future fertility.  Dr. K will help you and your teen navigate their contraceptive options today (yes, the birth control pill is not the only option of effective contraception for teens) so they can make an empowered decision about how to prevent pregnancies now in a way that supports their future fertility.

The bonus downloadable hormone-healthy smoothie recipe is an excellent way to ensure your teen gets a delicious and hormone-friendly start to every day by setting the stage for stable blood sugar and hormone release throughout the day.


Teenagers are incredibly likely to experience symptoms of hormonal imbalance in the first decade after the onset of menarche (the first period). This is partly due to the fact that the immature reproductive system is learning to establish a regular ovulatory pattern – impacting the ratio of estrogen to progesterone, and your teens’ experience of their cycle. Irregular periods, painful or heavy/flooding menses, and lots of unwanted premenstrual symptoms (like acne, mood swings, insomnia, and digestive upset) that come along with monthly menstruation are often alarming for teens – but their concerns often go unaddressed, or worse – treated by a blanket Rx for the birth control pill.

In this groundbreaking 6 part webinar, Dr. Kali MacIsaac will dive deep into what it means to have a healthy period, the importance of regular ovulation for overall health, and how you can help your teen navigate their hormonal and reproductive health options today and in the future.

Set your teen up for their future hormonal and reproductive success, by giving them the knowledge they need today.

Periods aren’t just periods. They’re an expression of your teen’s underlying health. It is incredibly important to accurately assess and treat menstruation issues for our teens so that we can set them up for healthy hormone balance across their lifespan.